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Puppy Training

While home visits maybe for basic training, they can also be tailored to address any specific/other issues that you may have.

Home visits enable all members of the family (where appropriate) to be involved with your dog’s training. The 1-hour sessions are fun and enjoyable for you, your family, and your puppy, and are solely devoted to your puppy, thus reinforcing their learning. In normal circumstances, a maximum of 4 sessions are required, although this is dog dependent.

At the end of each session, comprehensive notes will be given to you, detailing all exercises covered and the methods of training to use as an aide-memoire.

Training your puppy at home means you don’t need to wait for the start of a puppy training course and could commence the same day or week you take your puppy home.

Dog Training

While home visits may be for basic training they can also be tailored to address any specific other issues you may have and are usually focused on specific issues. Please see examples below

Dog, labrador puppy, is gnawing on sofa in the house due to the eruption of new teeth

Home Visit Prices

The first appointment must be arranged by telephone 01865 327149 OR text 07713654484 not through the puppy/dog class booking system.

The price for each puppy training home visit 1 hour is £45
The price for each dog training home visit 1 hour is £65

To be paid in advance of the home visit appointment by PayPal or BACS.

Specific/other issues could include:

  • Lead-Pulling

  • Poor/Bad Recall

  • Animal Chasing

    Domestic Pets & Farm Animals.

  • Chasing Vehicles/Bicycles

  • Interaction with Other Pets

    Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets, Birds, Reptiles.

  • Toileting Indoors (Peeing, Pooing)

  • Unwarranted Barking/Territorial Behaviour

  • Fear/Nervousness

    Of People/Children, Other Animals, Including Dogs

  • Difficulty Getting the Dog Into and out of the Car

  • Teaching the Dog to Stay Downstairs

  • Teaching the Dog to Stay Off the Furniture and Beds

  • Prevention of Garden Hole Digging and Plant Destruction

  • Greeting Behaviour

    At the Door with Callers & Visitors
    Out, Walking
    With Children
    Jumping Up at People

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