Venues and Dates

Botley, outdoor venue

In the Louie Memorial Playing Field, Arnold’s Way, Botley OX2 9JE.
The field is next to Matthew Arnold School’s sports field

Summertown, outdoor venue

In the playing field in Five Mile Drive, Oxford. OX2 8HW
The field is opposite Rothafield Road

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Start dates for 6-week courses for 2020:

 Classes for Puppies Are Held at Both Venues at 7pm
 Classes for Dog Training: For the foreseeable future, while we live with the social distancing rules, dog training for dogs over 6 months of age will be done as home visits only
 Our Training Methods Are Reward Based and Our Courses Are an Enjoyable Experience for Both Dogs and Handler
 The Cost of the Course Is £90


January 7th, February 18th, March 31st, May 12th, June 30th, August 11th, September 22nd, November 3rd


January 8th, February 19th, April 1st, May 13th, July 1st, August 12th, September 23rd, November 4th


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